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IP subnets, routing problems?

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The Question is:

We need to setup a remote printer. The only way to access the remote
 subnet/printer from VMS is traceroute, ping and telnet do not work. They both
 returned with session timeout messages.
We can ping and telnet to other subnets except that particular subnet which was
 added recently.
We can ping, traceroute, telnet from that subnet to the VMS host.
Is there a file or command that's needed to add a new subnet to VMS? Or are we
 missing something?

The Answer is :

  Nothing here particularly implies a problem with OpenVMS or with
  TCP/IP Services.
  If the other operations and other subnet accesses are functional,
  this would appear specific to this subnet, and thus to hardware
  or to an IP routing or configuration problem that is specific to
  the subnet.  DNS or router caches could be involved, obviously.
  Concentrate on the subnet configuration, routing, and related IP
  attributes and hardware.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-AUG-2002 )

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