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LPD printing and flag pages?

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The Question is:

We cannot get a flag page to print on any print queue we create either with
 TCPIP$LPRSETUP.EXE, or manually via $init /queue /start
1.  We created the queue with $RUN sys$sustem:tcpip$lprsetup.exe.  We answered
 "Y" to the flag question.  We get output... no flag pages.
2.  We've stopped & deleted the queue manually.  Then we initialized and
 started the queue manually including the following parameter:
/default=(flag,feed,form=default)parameter. Again we get output, but no flag
The printer is a remote, HP LJ 5Si.
Is there a patch we need?

The Answer is :

  This is not a problem that the OpenVMS Wizard immediately recogizes.
  Please apply the available ECO kits or (better) please upgrade to a
  more current release and apply the requisite ECO kits.  (Neither your
  OpenVMS Alpha release nor your TCP/IP Services release has a current
  Prior Version Support (PVS) nor a Current Version support offering
  available; support for these releases has expired.
  The OpenVMS FAQ has pointers to the available ECO kits.
  If the problem persists, please contact your support organization.
  As an alternative, please try the telnet symbiont.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-AUG-2002 )

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