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Virtual Balance Set Slots? VBSS?

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The Question is:

VAX - How do VBSS (virtual balance set slots) work?

The Answer is :

  VBSS works quite nicely.
  At its simplest, VBSS permits more balance set slots
  than work normally fit into the available S0 and S1
  system address space -- VAX systems are constrained
  by the capacity of system address space.  Effectively,
  VBSS is a way to virtualize the process data structures.
  OpenVMS Alpha solves this through the use of 64-bit
  (S2) space, and particularly moving the larger data
  structures from S0 and S1 space into S2 space and
  (in the case of the page tables) into page table
  For technical and internal details, please see the
  OpenVMS Internals and Data Structures Manuals.

answer written or last revised on ( 27-AUG-2002 )

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