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VAXft console operations?

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The Question is:

The console is at a ">>>" prompt that is NOT the boot prompt.  This mode was
 entered accidently.  Both systems are up and fully operational in the FT
 configuration.  We want to return the console to a operator console and get
 out of the ">>>" mode.  "Help
" is not available at the prompt.   We DO NOT want to shut down, reboot, halt
 the processors, etc.  only return to console mode.

The Answer is :

  The triple-angle-bracket is the console prompt on the Alpha, VAX and
  VAXft series -- including the VAXft model 410 -- and in this case
  indicates that one of the two zones in this VAXft system is at the
  console prompt.
  Based on your statements, this VAXft system appears to presently be
  operating in "degraded duplex" mode.  While in degraded duplex, I/O
  in the zone is accessable, but OpenVMS is not running in that zone.
  (And again, this "dead sergeant" prompt is the console prompt.)
  You will want to (re)boot the halted zone to resume normal operations,
  or (if not clustered) you can attempt to issue the START/ZONE command
  to restart the zone from the halt.  (If the system is still running,
  the output of the VAXft DCL command SHOW ZONE would be interesting.)
  When an OpenVMS system is operating in and configured in an OpenVMS
  Cluster, an attempt to restart the system with a CONTINUE or a
  START/ZONE after a system HALT will generally lead to an immediate
  CLUEXIT bugcheck as too much time will have elapsed and the cluster
  sanity timers will have expired.  (OpenVMS Alpha system that might
  have USB consoles also cannot be halted and restarted in this fashion.)
  These systems must be rebooted.
  The OpenVMS FAQ has a discussion of the BREAK signal, and how it
  can be generated on a console serial line and can (unintentionally
  or otherwise) halt a VAX or Alpha system.

answer written or last revised on ( 29-AUG-2002 )

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