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DECwindows CDE Automatic Login?

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The Question is:

We have an X application that must run automatically when the system is booted.
 We start our own .COM file with this entry in DECW$PRIVATE_APPS_SETUP.COM
$ DECW$MainApp == "Submit/User=F18E/NoPrint/Queue=Sys$Batch " + -
which in turn starts the CDE desktop using the command found in the logical
     mcr cde$system_defaults:[bin]dtsession
This works, except that the X resources are not loaded into the X server, as
 they are when logging in normally. How do we get dtsession to load the
 resources? (SYS.RESOURCES, DT.RESOURCES, etc.)
I don't see any documentation on how CDE is implemented on VMS, such as the VMS
 directory and file names. All the CDE documentation I see is Unix-based.

The Answer is :

  Details of the contents of AUTOLOGIN.COM would be interesting,
  assuming that the contents are different from that of the
  AUTOLOGIN.COM procedure documented in the support database
  article entitled "[Motif] How To Automatically Start An
  Application At Boot Time".
  As for one potential cause of this, please see topic (3681).
  (The astute reader will notice that the RUN command shown in
  the above-mentioned support database article does include the
  /AUTHORIZE qualifier, thus addressing the underlying cause of
  the problem reported in (3681).)
  The RSX-11 monitor console routine (MCR) image activation path
  is deprecated syntax on OpenVMS and is not intended and not
  recommended for general use on OpenVMS.  Please use the DCL
  command RUN.  (If you wish to have shorter image activation
  commands and specifications, please consider defining DCL$PATH.)

answer written or last revised on ( 11-SEP-2002 )

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