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OSU Webserver vs CSWS, for DCL CGI?

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The Question is:

Greetings,  I am currently using the OSU DEC-Threads Web Server and I am
 considering installing the OpenVMS CSWS.  I have a lot of DCL CGI procedures
 and what I have been attempting to find out is if the CSWS passes form fields
 to DCL command procedures a
s "FORM_FLD_fieldname" symbols like the OSU Web Server.

The Answer is :

  The Apache-based CSWS package includes a MOD_OSUSCRIPT module for running
  OSU CGI scripts directly.  If you already use the OSU CGI_SYMBOLS.EXE image
  to establish these CGI and FORM symbols, this will work under CSWS without

answer written or last revised on ( 14-OCT-2002 )

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