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BACKUP and index file error (PROCINDEX)?

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The Question is:

Recieved a  fatal message on the backup on this system.  Replied quit to the
 mesage.  What do you think the source of the problem is?  An idea I've had was
 version incompatibility since the system is newly upgraded.  Incompatible with
 what though is what
I don't know.

The Answer is :

  Per HELP/MESSAGE, there is normally another message with this one.
PROCINDEX,  error processing index file on 'device,' RVN 'n'
  Facility:     BACKUP, Backup Utility
  Explanation:  The Backup utility encountered an error during an attempt to
                process the index file, [000000]INDEXF.SYS;1, on the specified
                relative volume of the specified device.
  User Action:  Take action based on the accompanying message.
  Related topics include (3499), (7894), and (7909).

answer written or last revised on ( 27-SEP-2002 )

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