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Unable to add new cluster member?

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The Question is:

I have a Alpha 2100 running VMS 7.1 as a stand alone system.
I also have a VAX VMS 6.2 CI and LAVC cluster. My two boot nodes are a pair of
 6610's, with a bunch of VAX4000/90 satellites.
My problem is that I want to bring the Alpha into my VAX cluster.  I have tried
 the normal cluster_config on the alpha. I have the cluster ID and password,
 but when it boots, it gets
past the quorum disk, and says it has a connection to the to 6610's, but hangs
 at that point. No error messages, on either system.
I've checked the parameters VOTES, VAXCLUSTER,  DISK_QUORUM, QDSKVOTES,
NISCS_LOAD_PEA0 (we are using ethernet for cluster communication). The SCS
 params are unique  (node and ID)
I'm stumped!   Help!
Bill Matthias

The Answer is :

  Please contact the support center for assistance with this, as the
  diagnosis will require more information about the current SCS cluster
  configuration and details of the settings of the systems involved.
  In particular, the allocation classes and details of the particular
  (non-)satellite configuration will be of interest -- cross-architecture
  bootraps are supported, but the satellite must be first added to the
  cluster from a boot- and disk-serving system of the same architecture.
  (This assumes the system is a satellite.  This OpenVMS Alpha system may
  also be booting directly from a local system disk, as well.)
  Also of interest here will be the verification of the integrity of the
  network connection(s) involved, and a determination that each OpenVMS
  system that is a member of the cluster can directly and successfully
  communicate with every other system that is a member of the cluster.
  The OpenVMS Alpha APB primary bootstrap image includes bootstrap
  diagnostic display capabilities.  Please see the OpenVMS FAQ for the
  list of APB (and OpenVMS VAX VMB) flags, and for details on enabling
  these DBG_INIT verbose bootstrap displays within APB.
  Please move the OpenVMS systems to a more current revision.  Please
  also apply all available mandatory ECO kits for the OpenVMS release(s)
  in use.

answer written or last revised on ( 23-SEP-2002 )

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