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Bypassing Firewall block of SMTP traffic?

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The Question is:

I have a VMS microvax sending a report from a private network to a Lotus Notes
 server using SMTP.
A Netbuilder filter has been installed between the microvax and the mail
 server, and the reports have stopped.  If the notes server is added to the
 netbuilder the mail will send from the systems and work, so I am assuming a
 handshake is required for SMTP.
  Will this also enable the VMS systems to receive mail in from the network the
 otherside of the netbuilder where the notes server is situated.  If so, how
 can I stop this.
Thank you

The Answer is :

  Please work with the organization supporting the firewall -- with this
  "netbuilder filter" package -- to resolve this network communications
  problem.  This would appear to be either a routing problem resulting
  from the addition of the firewall, or a problem with the configuration
  of the firewall itself and particularly with the traffic allowed to
  traverse the firewall.

answer written or last revised on ( 25-SEP-2002 )

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