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Host Names, Personas, Cluster Alias?

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The Question is:

We're running a 4 node cluster (2 alphaserver 100a's, alphaserver 4100, and
 DS20e).  If one of the four nodes became inoperable for some reason, how would
 I re-boot one of the other nodes up as that node?  Ex: NODE1, NODE2, NODE3,
 NODE4.. If NODE3 failed,
 how would I boot up NODE2 as NODE3?

The Answer is :

  This sequence depends directly on the hardware configuration.
  It may be as simple as selecting another root at the console
  boot command, or as involved as a hardware shuffle, an AUTOGEN
  pass, and an I/O and layered product reconfiguration.  You may
  also have to adjust the network connections, depending on how
  the paths are configured.
  If you wish to rename a node, please see the OpenVMS FAQ for
  the areas where the node (host) name can be stored.
  Most commonly, the use of the available cluster alias mechanisms
  are the prefered approach -- these are transparent and automatic.
  The cluster alias approach also allows you to utilize all of the
  systems continuously, rather than a comparatively more primitive
  hot-standby approach.  The cluster alias also helps avoid operator
  errors, as having two systems booted from the same root can -- if
  the VOTES and EXPECTED_VOTES settings are not entirely correct (and
  please see the FAQ) lead to corruptions and untoward behaviour.
  The cluster alias approach also avoids having unrecognized failed
  hardware, and further allows users to ignore the name of the
  particular host servicing the requests.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-JAN-2004 )

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