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Disk Corruptions, ANALYZE, and BACKUPs?

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The Question is:

Is there a remedy for multiply allocated blocks that are detected by the
 ANALYZE utility.

The Answer is :

  Write-lock the disk immediately.  Consider performing an immediate
  off-line BACKUP/PHYSICAL of the volume involved.  (This so that any
  repair attempts that might be made and might fail can be undone or
  can be retried.)
  Assuming that the particular file contents are of concern, you must
  restore the file contents from a consistent backup copy, or manually
  reconstruct the file contents from the existing corrupted file and
  from knowledge of the expected contents and of the file structure.
  The former is the easier of the approaches, obviously.
  There are cases when the corruptions have been reported within temporary
  or unneeded files, and these can obviously be safely deleted without
  restoration or reconstruction.
  ANALYZE/DISK_STRUCTURE/REPAIR will correct the block allocation error,
  though it may not remedy the actual cause of the allocation error.
  Please ensure that you have the mandatory ECO kits for the particular
  OpenVMS release in use -- OpenVMS Alpha V7.3, in this case -- installed.
  The HP services organization may be able to offer assistance in salvaging
  or in otherwise reconstructing the contents of the particular file(s) and
  the volume(s) involved.

answer written or last revised on ( 2-OCT-2002 )

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