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DCPS Queue Stalls in STARTING? (Canon Printer)

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The Question is:

I use DCPS 1.8 and I tried tosetup a print queue for a Canon IR5000 in raw TCP
 mode (port 9100).
The print job remained in STARTING state until time-out, then the queue stopped.
How can I setup the queue for this printer (if supported) or will it be a
 future support?

The Answer is :

  The Canon IR5000 printer is not supported by DCPS DECprint Services.
  This printer provides unidirectional communications, reporting no
  information back to the OpenVMS host.  Accordingly, this printer
  is quite incompatible with the basic bidirectional communications
  assumptions within DCPS, and is thus and will remain unsupported.
  To use this and to use most any other unidirectional network-based
  printer with OpenVMS, you will want to configure the IP-based telnet
  or lpr/lpd printing.  For an introduction to these printing mechanisms,
  please see the available documentation for TCP/IP Services and please
  see Ask The Wizard topics starting with (1020).
  The telnet and lpr/lpd (IP-based) printing mechanisms do not provide
  the same printing features that are available with DCPS.

answer written or last revised on ( 3-OCT-2002 )

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