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DECnet Ping?

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The Question is:

How can I Ping my Alpha computer running Open VMS V6.2 with a windows based
 system?  The Systems are all set up using DECNET Node addresses.

The Answer is :

  DECnet and IP are different networking protocol stacks.
  The common tool known as Ping is an IP tool that uses the IP-based
  protocol known as ICMP.  There is no direct analog to the Ping tool
  within DECnet.  (There are certainly ways to test connectivity that
  are available within DECnet; this connectivity test is the purpose
  of the IP-based ping tool.)
  If you wish to use the tool most commonly referenced by the term
  Ping, you must install and configure the TCP/IP Services package
  or a third-party IP stack on the OpenVMS system.  While TCP/IP is
  separately installed, most OpenVMS systems are shipped with a
  license for the TCP/IP Services packages.
  Alternatively, various of the PATHWORKS client packages will include
  the DECnet network stack for various Microsoft Windows platforms.
  With DECnet, the Ping operation can be similated with most any
  DECnet operation, such as SET HOST.  Testing tools include the
  DTS/DTR suite, and most DECnet implementations will provide these.
  With OpenVMS and DECnet Phase IV, the tool is named DTSEND.EXE.
  (RUN SYS$SYSTEM:DTSEND, and enter the command HELP at the prompt.
  Also see the DECnet documentation, for whichever DECnet phase is
  installed on the system.)

answer written or last revised on ( 16-NOV-2002 )

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