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SHOW DEVICE, DIRECTORY, and disk usage?

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The Question is:

I am getting errouneous information reported when I check a certain disk (2
 RA90 disks shadowed), for space.
Total blocks available is 2376153
Total blocks being used 2290152
Total blocks shown free      86001
However, when I type
 dir disk$fdata13:[000000...]*.*;*
the response is:
Grand total of 3 directories, 21 files, 2262547/2290152 blocks.
Why am I missing 373,571 blocks?
Thank you,

The Answer is :

  The SHOW DEVICE command displays information from a cache containing
  the free space values from the volume.  This cache can potentially
  become skewed from the actual disk volume values, and for various
  On all recent OpenVMS versions, you can use the DCL command
  SET VOLUME/REBUILD=FORCE to rebuild the volume and to reset the
  cache containing the free block count stored in the volume's
  lock value block.
  ANALYZE/DISK/REPAIR and a DISMOUNT and MOUNT can also be used
  to reload the cache with the current (actual) value.
  Please consider upgrading your OpenVMS VAX version, and please
  also consider moving to newer storage devices and technologies.
  The DIRECTORY command can also display values differing from
  actual use, as the DIRECTORY command does not account for the
  use of aliases.  A DIRECTORY of a system disk in particular
  will display usage larger than actual, because the command will
  count the contents of the common directories once for each system
  root and once for the common root itself.

answer written or last revised on ( 3-OCT-2002 )

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