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Patch or ECO kit checksum? Boot Failure?

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The Question is:

I tried to apply the patch VMS73_ACRTL-V0200 on an AlphaServer running OpenVMS
 V7.3 and got an unbootable system disk. My question is: How do I use the
 checksum information given with the patch to verify the patch is all right?

The Answer is :

  Without details of the error message(s) or codes seen during the
  failed bootstrap attempt, no specific answer is possible.
  Please see the FAQ for pointers to the MD5 and CHECKSUM commands,
  and the information that is associated with the ECO kits.  Search
  the FAQ for "checksum" for details.
  Please verify the integrity of the image using ANALYZE/IMAGE.
  Please also ensure that your system disk is not heavily fragmented,
  as this is a common cause of failed bootstraps after the application
  of an ECO kit -- this failure is triggered by the application of an
  ECO, but is not specific to any particular ECO kit.  (This failure
  will not show up as a checksum error within the kit.)
  If you can examine the resulting system disk after the installation,
  you can use DFU or DUMP/HEADER (for large numbers of map area words
  in use) or DFO or other tools to determine the fragmentation of
  the file and/or the system disk.

answer written or last revised on ( 8-OCT-2002 )

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