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file is not expired (FILNOTEXP) error?

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The Question is:

KVVU2_$ sho dev mk
Device                  Device           Error    Volume         Free  Trans Mnt
 Name                   Status           Count     Label        Blocks Count Cnt
KVVU2$MKB0:             Online               0
KVVU2_$ init mkb0: test
%INIT-F-FILNOTEXP, file is not expired
Device MKB0: is a TLZ10, why am I getting the error?

The Answer is :

     FILNOTEXP,  file is not expired on volume on 'volume-name'
      Facility:     MOUNT, Mount Utility
      Explanation:  A tape file cannot be overwritten because it has not reached
                    its expiration date.
      User Action:  To overwrite or delete the file, mount the volume with the
                    /OVERRIDE=EXPIRATION qualifier. You must be the owner of the
                    volume or have volume protection (VOLPRO) privilege.

answer written or last revised on ( 21-OCT-2002 )

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