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SRM T-ERR-SCSI and Bootblock error?

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The Question is:

I have a DEC 3000/600 that will not boot.  I get a message "T_ERR_SCSI - CHECK
 BOOTBLOCK", I can't seem to get pass that.  Can you point me into the right
Teresa Jackson

The Answer is :

  The specified messages do not specifically match the format and
  contents of error messages known to the OpenVMS Wizard, thus the
  OpenVMS Wizard will guess.
  You have explicitly specified a disk device that is not bootable, or
  the default disk boot device for this system has been overwritten or
  otherwise corrupted.
  This T-ERR-SCSI Alpha SRM console error means that you either have a
  corrupt disk, or are explicitly or implicitly specifying a disk device
  that is not a system disk -- that the disk's boot block is invalid.
  Please determine if you can boot this system from a distribution CD-ROM.
  (The CD menu will allow you to spawn to the $$$ prompt, and you can then
  manually MOUNT and examine the file structure on the target disk device.
  Assuming this is a system disk corruption error and assuming that you
  are unable to repair and then unable to restore the system disk, you
  will likely need to reinstall OpenVMS.)
  Also determine if the console environment variable BOOT_RESET is set
  ON, and that SCSI_RESET is set to 4.  These are the typical settings
  for a DEC 3000 series Alpha system.  Also ensure that the SCSI bus is
  valid, and that there are no SCSI unit collisions or other similar
  SCSI configuration problems.
  Assuming this system has been functioning and has not had its system
  disk hardware or software reconfigured since it last successfully
  bootstrapped, the system disk has probably become corrupted.  (Systems
  dual-booting with some operating systems can cause this corruption,
  please search for "harmless" within the OpenVMS FAQ for details.)

answer written or last revised on ( 21-OCT-2002 )

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