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Managing and Viewing Queues?

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The Question is:

Hello !!
I must configure a large number of queues on a single machine but I want that a
 single user look at only a brief number of this queues.
For example:
I have configured Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4 Q5 ... queues.
I like that User1 look only Q1 and Q2; User2 look only Q3 and Q4 etc.
I have read that only five queue manager can be configured on a single machine
 but this do not resolve my problem.
How can I do ?
Best regard

The Answer is :

  Please do not configure multiple queue managers for this purpose.
  Please write some (simple) DCL to show the queues of interest, using
  the f$getqui lexical function.  This DCL procedure will ease the task
  requirements on the operators, and the DCL involved can quite easily
  be conditionalized to execute commands based on the username of the
  caller or other such user-unique attributes.
  Existing discussions of the f$getqui lexical include the following
  topics: (813), (1240), (2159), (3951), (4546), (4568), (4903), (5188)
  (5471), (5567), (5651), (5793), (5982), (6315), (6877), (6944), etc.
  Also please configure the queue protections accordingly.  In particular,
  please configure the queue ACLs and the queue protection masks such that
  only the appropriate user(s) can access the appropriate queue(s).  This
  prevents unauthorized access and unauthorized queue modifications.

answer written or last revised on ( 21-OCT-2002 )

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