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Finding and executing SYSTARTUP_VMS.COM?

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The Question is:

New Installation -
Systartup_VMS will not execute.  While starting the system, Systartup_VMS.com
 does not execute.  It will execute as a standalone.  How do I point the boot
 to the correct Systartup_VMS.com?

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard does not understand the phrase "It will execute as a
  standalone" nor is the OpenVMS Wizard sure what you mean by and how you
  have determined that "Systartup_VMS will not execute".  The OpenVMS
  Wizard will thus assume that these phrases are intended to indicate that
  the OpenVMS system has somehow been set to bootstrap minimally.
  If this configuration is a cluster, the SYSTARTUP_VMS file is the one
  located in the root established on the local system disk (if booting
  standalone) or the one in the cluster common root (if booting as a
  cluster satellite host).  Assuming DECnet Phase IV, the system root
  for this satellite host can be located by looking at the NCP information
  associated with the specified host; via NCP SHOW NODE nodename CHARACTER.
  CLUSTER_CONFIG[_LAN] can also display this information.
  Please ensure that this system has not been configured to boot minimally
  via SYSBOOT -- please see the conversational bootstrap information in the
  OpenVMS FAQ and in the OpenVMS documentation set for details on accessing
  SYSBOOT during the OpenVMS bootstrap.  In particular, please bootstrap the
  system conversationally and check that the system parameter STARTUP_P1 is
  set to " " (as it should be), as it would appear here that STARTUP_P1 has
  been set to "MIN" on this system.
  Failing this, please contact the support center directly.  Expect to be
  asked details of the system involved and for details on the environment,
  and for details of any relevent messages displayed during the OpenVMS

answer written or last revised on ( 21-OCT-2002 )

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