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Meaning of RWINS state?

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The Question is:

We recently had a process "stuck" in an RWINS state.  The process was running
 in batch and DELETE/ENTRY just set it as "aborting", STOP/ID didn't get rid of
 it.  What is the RWINS state and how can we remove a process from that state
 without rebooting the
 machine ?

The Answer is :

  RWINS is a thread waiting for access to an inner-mode, whether for
  AST delivery or system service dispatching or otherwise.
  Topics of interest here will include (1661), (4647), and (6099).
  `RWINS - (Alpha only) Indicates that a process thread is trying to
           acquire the inner-mode semaphore.  This mutex serializes
           thread execution in Executive, and/or Kernel mode while
           another thread of the same process is currently in Executive
           or Kernel mode.
           Multiple threads from a single process may run concurrently
           on different processors in user and supervisor mode. For
           threads to be allowed concurrent execution in an "inner
           mode", they must be considered "thread safe" by OpenVMS
           Alpha.  If they're not considered "thread safe" they must
           acquire the "per process" inner-mode semaphore to serialize

answer written or last revised on ( 21-OCT-2002 )

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