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Seeking Compaq Analyze? (and DECevent)

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The Question is:

I had a CPU go down on ES40 running Alpha OpenVMS 7.3. The Call back engineer
 said we need to have installed "compaq analyzer".  And that it is on a CD that
 comes with the system.
Does anyone know what CD and what the Product name or kit is called.
Thank you in advance.

The Answer is :

  The package is known as "Compaq Analyze", and details and pointers to
  download kits are available in the OpenVMS FAQ -- as stated, a version
  of the Compaq Analyze package is included with the OpenVMS distribution.
  Search for the string "analyze" in the OpenVMS FAQ for further details.
  The other common error-reporting and error analysis tool is DECevent,
  and information on DECevent is also included in the OpenVMS FAQ.

answer written or last revised on ( 16-NOV-2002 )

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