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APB.EXE is missing?

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The Question is:

Recently upgraded our AlphaServer ES40 from vms 7.2-1 to 7.3. upgrade went
 fine. However whenever I use @sys$update:vmsinstal  to install any product, I
 Can not determine the architecture of running system disk.
msg. Looking at the vmsinstal.com file, a check is made to
determine the existance of the file SYS$SYSTEM:APB.EXE. As my system disk does
 hot have this file, it errors out.
Looking at my backup for the system disk when it was running vms 7.2-1, the
 APB.EXE file existed. Looking at the VMS 7.3 install cdrom, the file also is
 there. Why do I not have this file on my system disk? How should I correct?
Can I just copy it over from the cdrom?
many thanks,
Jon Longa
510 869-3472

The Answer is :

  This situation is likely the discussion mentioned in the OpenVMS V7.3
  release cover letter, and also in the OpenVMS ECO kit VMS721_RENAME_OLD.
  Please re-upgrade to OpenVMS Alpha V7.3.  This will not damage your
  local settings, but it will ensure that you have all of the required
  OpenVMS files loaded and configured.   (This is arguably the simplest
  approach here.)
  If you choose to continue with your present course, ensure that you
  also issue a WRITEBOOT operation after you load the new APB.EXE image.
  You could be missing other images.  Please see VMS721_RENAME_OLD.
  Please ensure you have the mandatory ECO kits for OpenVMS Alpha V7.3
  installed.  Prior to the installation of the XFC V2.0 kit on your V7.3
  system, please ensure that the OpenVMS system parameter VCC_FLAGS is
  set to 1.

answer written or last revised on ( 21-OCT-2002 )

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