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DECwindows Instability, Mouse Dropping Off?

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The Question is:

Is there any way, other than rebooting, to get the Alpha to recognize the
 mouse?  Our production system is running, but the XWindows software won't stay
 up.  When we restart it, X-Windows stays up temporarily, but the mouse doesn't
 respond.  Then X-Window
s shuts down, but the rest of the system is running fine.

The Answer is :

  This could be a hardware or a software problem, of course.
  Given the apparent system and DECwindows instabilities reported here,
  it is unlikely that there is a reliable workaround for this particular
  misbehaviour, though you could attempt to use the "dead rodent" mode
  of DECwindows, as described in the OpenVMS FAQ.
  You will want to apply the available OpenVMS and DECwindows ECO kits,
  and you will particularly want to consider upgrading to a supported
  version of OpenVMS and DECwindows with ECOs.
  You may wish to contact the support center.  Please expect to be asked
  the version of DECwindows as well as the DECwindows and the OpenVMS ECO
  kits that have been applied to the system, if any.

answer written or last revised on ( 21-OCT-2002 )

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