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Preserving Terminal Session? (Virtual Terminals)

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The Question is:

Re: remote user using emulator and connecting via TCP/IP telnet to Alpha.  When
 the user loses connection: a)the process does not stop; b) when they try to
 reconnect, they do not see the option asking if they want to reconnect to the
 previous process.  Is
 there a way to set VMS so it prompts them for reconnection?

The Answer is :

  On OpenVMS, the ability to preserve a session either disconnected
  deliberately or dropped due to a modem carrier loss or a network drop
  and then later reconnect is known as Virtual Terminal support.
  With most communications mechanisms, support for Virtual Terminals is
  enabled by setting several system parameters to reflect local requirements.
  Details are covered in the OpenVMS system management documentation.
  TCP/IP Services does differ in the particular mechanisms used to enable
  Virtual Terminal support, but current product versions do offer support.
  Please see the Virtual Terminal information that is included in the
  TCP/IP Services package documentation, assuming the IP stack in use
  is TCP/IP Services.  (Specifically, look in the telnet section of the
  TCP/IP Services Managment manual.)  Once enabled, the Virtual Terminal
  support will provide the ability for incoming IP telnet connections to
  reconnect to an existing session, akin to what is available with other
  incoming terminal connections.

answer written or last revised on ( 23-OCT-2002 )

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