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Obtaining UIC information in DCL?

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The Question is:

I need to get the group # out of the UIC field
and pass it back to a Synergy program. I've got the DCL code setup to do this
 but I currently have to write the "group" info into a file and then read that
 file in the Synergy program. Is there anyway of doing this without using the
 storing file? Can I pa
ss the valve directly but to the Synergy program?
Thanks for your time.
Kind Regards
Randy Graves

The Answer is :

  Books on DCL programming as well as DCL documentation in the OpenVMS
  Users' Guide are readily available, and acquiring and reading these
  materials is strongly recommended.
  For pointers to available books and to the OpenVMS documentation
  website, please see the OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
  To obtain the UIC group or member numbers on OpenVMS, you can use the
  f$getjpi lexical function from within a DCL command procedure, and you
  can use the sys$getjpi[w] system service from a compiled application.
  Other APIs exist.
  From DCL, the UIC group number of the current process can be retrieved
  as follows:
    $ x = f$getjpi("0","GRP")
    $ show symbol x
      X = 2   Hex = 00000002  Octal = 00000000002
  From DCL, the UIC group number of the owner of a specific file can be
  retrieved as follows:
    $ x=f$file_attributes("SYS$LOGIN:LOGIN.COM","GRP")
    $ show symbol x
  Please contact the organization that maintains the Synergy package for
  information on that package, and information on the specific requirements
  involved with passing UIC information into or out of that package.

answer written or last revised on ( 23-OCT-2002 )

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