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Reading and Writing PC Floppy Disks?

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The Question is:

My alpha 433 au running OpenVMS Alpha v7.1 is
offline for the timebeing.  I do not have MMS,
Mtools, or similar products on the Alpha.
I need to know how I can save files on a floppy from my alpha and have them
 read by a PC?
Or, vise versa?
Is this possible in principle?
or, is it trivial?
Many thanks,
Nasser Barghouty

The Answer is :

  Please consider a review of the contents of the OpenVMS Frequently
  Asked Questions (FAQ) document, as you will find this and various
  other topics discussed within.
  Previous similar questions of reading and writing Microsoft Windows
  or MS-DOS FAT floppy disk media on OpenVMS include (4), (152), (1756),
  (1966), (2162), (2497), (2728), (2730), (2892), (3125), (3997), (4017),
  (4093), (4120), (4726), (5298), (5704), (5902), (5908), (6774) and
  likely others.

answer written or last revised on ( 23-OCT-2002 )

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