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Lost or Forgotten SYSTEM Password?

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The Question is:

We've lost our SYSTEM account password and need to know how it can be reset.

The Answer is :

  If you have another username with write access to the OpenVMS system
  authorization file through privileges or through file protections or
  an ACL, you can use the following commands:
    $ set process /privileges=all
    $ set default sys$system
    $ run authorize
    modify system/password=pickyourownpassword
  If you do not have another username with access to the authorization
  database, please consider a review of the OpenVMS Frequently Asked
  Questions (FAQ) document or the available OpenVMS system management
  documentation.  You will find that the OpenVMS FAQ contains the answer
  to this question as well as to various other questions, and you will
  find that the emergency system startup section of the OpenVMS system
  management documentation also contains details on this topic.

answer written or last revised on ( 30-OCT-2002 )

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