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PATHWORKS Client and Server Licensing?

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The Question is:

Can a nt4/windows 2000 client running pathworks 32 v7.3 connect to a Alhpa
 server running vms v6.2/pathworsks v5.0F and if so what licences are required
 to run it
Regards Mark

The Answer is :

    PATHWORKS V5.0 for OpenVMS does not formally support Microsoft Windows
    2000.  The file and print server for OpenVMS which does support access
    by Windows 2000 clients requires the PATHWORKS V6.1 for OpenVMS package
    or the Advanced Server V7.3 for OpenVMS package.
    PATHWORKS V5.0F-ECO2 for OpenVMS, plus a set of patches available from
    the Customer Support Center, has been reported to work correctly with
    Windows 2000 clients.  This would be an unsupported configuration.
    PATHWORKS V5.0F for OpenVMS will accept any of the current 'CA' client
    access licenses (e.g. PWLMXXXCA06.00, PWLMXXXCA07.02, or PWLMXXXCA07.03),
    and it will also accept the older "FPA" (File and Print Access) or "CCS"
    (Combination Cleint Server) licenses.
    PATHWORKS 32 V7.3 is the software package which runs on the Microsoft
    Windows client.  PATHWORKS 32 consists of the DECnet transport, the
    PowerTerm terminal emulator, and the eXcursion X Window Server.
    PATHWORKS 32 is required for accessing the OpenVMS file server only
    if you intend to use the DECnet transport, or if you require the
    PowerTerm or X Windows interfaces.  If you plan to use only TCP/IP,
    there is no need to run PATHWORKS 32 on the client for access to the
    OpenVMS server.  If you determine a need for PATHWORKS 32, then you
    will also need to have a PWXXWINAT07.03 license for each PATHWORKS 32
    client deployed.

answer written or last revised on ( 30-OCT-2002 )

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