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Connecting IP Printer?

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The Question is:

How can I send print jobs from my Alpha 255 to an HP 4000N printer with a
 JETDIRECT 600N Card that is in a WIN2K Domain ????
Alpha 255 is in a subnet linked with a router to the WIN2K net. For example,
 from a PC in the WIN2K net I can open a DECTERM on my Alpha.
The question is, How do I configure my queue to send jobs to the Printer IP ?
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The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard will assume that the presence of and that the mention
  of Microsoft Windows 2000 is a canard here, and that this is actually a
  request for assistance in configuring and printing to a network-connected
  HP LaserJet 4000N series printer.   If so, yes, you can do this.
  The OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section entitled "Connecting
  to an IP Printer?" will be of interest here, as will other sections of
  the FAQ, as will topic (1020) and other IP Printing topics here in the
  Ask The Wizard area, as will the TCP/IP Services documentation on setting
  up IP printers.  (The on-line version of the TCP/IP Services documentation
  is available via a URL reference included in the FAQ.)
  While it is often possible (depending on the configuration of the remote
  host), the OpenVMS Wizard does not generally recommend that you configure
  your network systems to pass your print jobs through another platform
  whenever the target printer is directly accessable on the network.
  (There are certainly reasons to configure your network to route print
  jobs through other hosts, but this is obviously not the simplest of
  network configurations -- and problems can be difficult to diagnose
  and resolve.)  Topics such as (1694) and (3971) (briefly) discuss some
  of the various considerations and options involved when queuing print
  jobs to an intermediate Microsoft Windows system.

answer written or last revised on ( 30-OCT-2002 )

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