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BACKUP, MOUNT and NOTANSI media errors?

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The Question is:

Keep getting "tape not valid ANSI format" when trying to mount new tapes with
 image backup.
TLZ09 tape.  Nightly backups work fine with old tapes.
Bought new tapes (both Sony and Maxell) DDS-2
Tried all the normal init options, mounting with /over=(id, label), etc.
New tapes don't work.  Old tapes are fine.
Any clues?  Is there a special init I have to do to a new tape?
OpenVMS V7.1-2
Thanks,  Chas

The Answer is :

  Please do ensure consistent use of the /MEDIA_FORMAT=COMPACTION option
  on all of the DCL commands involved with initialization, MOUNT, and
  BACKUP operations.
  Without the details on the BACKUP, INITIALIZE, MOUNT, and related DCL
  commands used, it does initially appear that you have media problems
  with these DDS cartridges.
  Your OpenVMS version is outdated and badly in need of an upgrade.
  Please seriously consider an upgrade to OpenVMS V7.2-2 or V7.3-1 or
  (as available) later.  There have been various changes and enhancements
  in the areas of device handling and device performance throughout these
  more recent OpenVMS versions.
  Topics (5790), (1814) and (1268) contain DDS-related media (cartridge)
  compatibility information.

answer written or last revised on ( 30-OCT-2002 )

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