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Advanced Server File Share Security Settings?

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The Question is:

Advanced Server (pw for open VMS)in a W2k domain
We integrated an advanced server 7.3 as a "member server " in a win2000 domain
 (licensing = server-license)
We can access shares on the advanced server from client PC's.
Our questions are regarding security settings  for file shares from the
 "advanced server" and from a "client winnt pc"
On the advanced server is "everyone" accepted on the share; the acl's on a pc
 can be set ,however we don't see the refelction of it on the "advanced server" ?
Where can we find any documentation,explanation ... on this subject

The Answer is :

  Please contact Microsoft for recommendations for Microsoft system security
  settings -- OpenVMS with Advanced Server serves access to the directories
  and the files involved using the Microsoft SMB protocols, and implements
  the Microsoft security model.
  TCP/IP Services NFS-based and other native OpenVMS security mechanisms are
  also available, if you wish to maintain network-accessable files outside
  the Microsoft SMB services and security provided by Advanced Server.
  Information on maintaining access control lists (ACLs) and access control
  list entries (ACEs) within Advanced Server -- and particularly see the
  Advanced Server configuration parameter Store_Security_Aces -- is available
  within the Advanced Server management documentation.

answer written or last revised on ( 13-JAN-2003 )

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