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How to troubleshoot hardware?

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The Question is:

Alpha station 500 hangs at "Jump To Bootstrap Code", when trying to reboot
 after the system locked up. Have tried many of the commands listed in the FAQs
 and the machine does not recognize them. There have been no changes in the
 hardware configuration.

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard will assume a typical AlphaStation 500 SCSI I/O
  Your I/O system is misconfigured or faulty, or you have encountered
  an OpenVMS bug.  Given you had problems when you shut down -- and
  assuming that a complete power-cycle does not resolve this -- some
  of your hardware has failed or has drifted out of margin.
  First, check your entire SCSI chain for length, correct and current
  device firmware, correct SCSI termination, functioning and good
  quality cabling, unit assignment and related.
  Then try booting off another disk or off a CD-ROM distribution.
  If you can isolate the device failure, try swapping the device to
  another system, and try replacing the device with another (and
  known working) equivalent device.
  If disk hardware has been upgraded over time, ensure that there is
  sufficient cooling available for the storage hardware.  Disks can be
  more easily retrofit than can be cooled, and thermal failures can
  manifest themselves weeks or months after an otherwise apparently
  successful (retrofit) installation.
  If you are unfamiliar with hardware troubleshooting, please contact
  your hardware services organization or HP Services.  Expect to be
  asked details of the current SCSI configuration.

answer written or last revised on ( 11-NOV-2002 )

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