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Identifying pagefile (over)commitment? (leak)

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The Question is:

When I do a SHOW MEM on a system that has been running for about 45 days now,
 the last 2 lines on the display are:
Total size of all paging files:    437472
Total committed paging file usage: 560593
This last number for the total committed paging file usage has by and large
 been steadily increasing day by day.  Even when all user processes have ended,
 and all users have logged out the committed paging file usage does not shrink.
1. Is this a matter for concern?
2. Is there any way of flushing the committed paging file usage?

The Answer is :

  You apparently have encountered a pagefile leak within one or more
  long-running applications.
  If the leak continues unabated, the system will eventually fail
  due to resource exhaustion.
  Please take the time now to download the mandatory ECO kits for
  your OpenVMS release, and expect to need to install these.  The
  OpenVMS FAQ contains a search engine that can locate ECO kits by
  installation rating.  (If the leak is in an OpenVMS component
  or in an HP OpenVMS layered product, you will be asked to install
  the current ECO and (as applicable) the current product version.

answer written or last revised on ( 11-NOV-2002 )

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