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Alpha ES40
During system boot the $DSA volumes are mounted but at this stage the message
 "%Mount-F-Devbusyinvmos, $DSA in-set value block is empty" is repeated 4
 times.  Once booted all volumes are accessable OK but this adds an additional
 10-15minutes to the boot p
What is causing these errors?

The Answer is :

  This condition is expected to be transient.  If the problem persists
  or can be duplicated (outside of the expected MOUNT-DISMOUNT sequence),
  please contact your HP software services representative.
  You can use a procedure similar to SYS$EXAMPLES:MSCPMOUNT.COM to mount
  shadowset members on a running system, removing this processing from
  the system startup procedure and removing the otherwise typical use of
  the MOUNT /CLUSTER operation.
DEVBUSYINVMOS,  $DSA in-set value block is empty
  Facility:     MOUNT, Mount Utility
  Explanation:  When the members of a shadow set mount operation were being
                validated, the lock value block of the "member of set" lock
                was found to be zero. This is a transient condition usually
                caused by simultaneous mount and dismount operations of the
                same shadow set.
                MOUNT will retry the mount operation for two minutes before
                returning this status to the user or to OPCOM.
  User Action:  Ensure that no dismount operation is being performed, and
                attempt the mount again. If the mount continues to fail,
                contact a Compaq support representative.

answer written or last revised on ( 12-NOV-2002 )

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