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Is CRT$STARTUP.COM (still) needed?

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The Question is:

Every time our server boots, we receive this message:The DEC C/C++ Run Time
 Components kit startup procedure in
    SYS$STARTUP:CRT$STARTUP.COM checks to insure that the proper file
    versions are still being used.  One or more of these checks has
    failed, as specified below.  This is most likely caused by the file(s)
    being replaced during a VMS upgrade or other product installation.
    This problem may, in turn, cause additional startup or execution
    problems.  To remedy these problems, reinstall the DEC C/C++ Run Time
    Components kit, AACRTxxx.A.  For more information, see the release
I need to reinstall the package.
Where can I obtain the DEC C/C++ Run Time Components kit, AACRT060.A ?

The Answer is :

  You can remove the call to SYS$STARTUP:CRT$STARTUP.COM from your system
  startup command procedures, this invocation is not required on OpenVMS
  V6.1 and later.
  Do not reinstall the AACRT060 kit, as that kit is only needed for those
  OpenVMS releases that predated the integration of the newer C Run-time
  Library (RTL) image (DECC$SHR) into OpenVMS.

answer written or last revised on ( 13-NOV-2002 )

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