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TK (DLT) ANSI tape labes, RMS file attributes?

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The Question is:

We are experiencingproblem while trying to read TK87 tapes sent to us by one of
 our customers.
Every time the back/rew/lis command returns Tape is not VALID ansi format.
I have even send them a tape initialised at our site for them to write the
 backup to. This again failed when trying to read on our tape drive with the
 same error.
Is there anything else I should consider doing to get around this problem.
The only other way I can see that we could get their data is by them sending it
 via email.
However once the backup file hits MS Outlook the RMS attributes are lost so I
 cannot do a great deal with it.
A machine to machiner FTP would be nice but this is not possible due to security.
Any ideas on how we could mail the saveset via a PC based mail system ?

The Answer is :

  Whomever has written the tape has probably committed an error, a
  surprisingly common situation in the experience of the OpenVMS
  Wizard.  This error could be in the tape density (ensure the
  recording drive was TK87 or a DLT series drive that can write
  media compatible with the TK87), and can also arise with the
  commands used to write the media.
  Please contact the organization that generated the DLT tape and
  ask for the specific tape drive used and particularly for the
  specific commands used to generate the tape.
  For transfering files through non-OpenVMS platforms while also
  maintaining the RMS file attributes, you can use the Freeware ZIP
  and UNZIP utilities.  These can be found on the OpenVMS Freeware
  5.0 CD-ROM, and at various FTP sites referenced in the OpenVMS FAQ.
  When using ZIP, the files will need to be zipped on the OpenVMS
  system with the "-V" flag used to preserve the attributes.  Through
  use of the "-V" option on ZIP, the RMS file attributes will be
  preserved when you eventually UNZIP the files on the receiving
  OpenVMS system.  (The FAQ discusses this and related details,
  as well -- including how to recover corrupted BACKUP savesets,
  one of the most common application victims of FTP-based and
  heterogenous-system network file transfer file corruptions.)

answer written or last revised on ( 15-NOV-2002 )

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