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Details of (DECnet) SYS$NODE Logical Name?

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The Question is:

Where and how  is logical SYS$NODE defined.  I have been unable to find any
 references in
OVMS documentation, FAQ, or wizard history.

The Answer is :

  Please review the DECnet Phase IV or DECnet-Plus documentation for
  details on this and on other logical names associated with DECnet.
  The logical name SYS$NODE is presently defined by the DECnet startup
  procedures.  If DECnet is disabled or not installed, the logical name
  will not be defined.
  Please use f$getsyi or sys$getsyi to locate the SCSNODE or NODENAME
  name for the host, or use any of the various other storage mechanisms
  for the nodename, as the SYS$NODE, SYS$NODE_FULLNAME and various other
  related logical names are expressly reserved to DECnet.
  Any local definitions of these logical names -- outside of the logical
  name definitions provided by the DECnet networking package -- is not
  recommended and not supported.  If you need your own logical name,
  please create it -- though again, the SYS$ facility prefix is reserved
  to system-related logical names.
  Though you could obviously attempt to create your own definition of
  this or of another reserved logical name, the presence of the SYS$NODE
  logical name might be construed by an application or a layered product
  as an indication of the presence of and availability of DECnet.  That
  is clearly not the case here.  (This local definiton of this logical
  name is unsupported and not recommended.)
  For an introduction to some of the many places where a node name is
  stored or is available for applications, please see the OpenVMS FAQ.
  Specifically, please see the OpenVMS FAQ section on renaming a node.

answer written or last revised on ( 15-NOV-2002 )

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