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Rebuilding Bliss REQ Libraries?

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The Question is:

(Hoff?, sorry if duplicated)
Hi, I have a question on bliss-64 on alpha/vms 7.1 (bliss v1.1-19) or 7.3
I have a question regarding the bliss requires on an alpha system (starlet.req,
 .r64, lib.req, .r64). I'm trying to assemble the two starlet requires and
 lib.r64 to allow 64-bit development.
I've read the OpenVMS FAQ on bliss topics, the sections on building the
 libraries, and find they are wrong. The sample command shown doesn't work (I'm
 not talking about the '==' typo).
A little background:
Recall that a bliss install doesn't build the libraries, users are shown how-to
 assemble them (from the requires) in the release notes.
However, the .req & .r64 files have some duplication which prevent them from
 being assembled into a single library (some definitions only appear in the
 .req files., others only in the .r64 files, and trying to get a comprehensive,
 not duplicative set of d
efinitions from the various requires results in errors during compilation).
Is there a workaround or .sdl sources available?

The Answer is :

  The Bliss library instructions within the zip archive on OpenVMS
  Freeware V6.0 are believed correct and current.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-JAN-2004 )

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