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SYSUAF Authorization Database, Debugging?

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The Question is:

SYSUAF file question.
I wrote a program that uses RMS (FAB and RAB) to retrieve an account name from
 the sysuaf file and then calls sys$getuai to get the account information.
 This works great until a client had a clustered VMS system.  The program seems
 to find some of the ac
counts, but not all.
1) Is there's something that I need to be aware of when dealing with Clustered
2) Would be valid if the client sent me their sysuaf file for me to test it on
 my system, or are there other files associated with sysuaf file.

The Answer is :

  Receiving a local copy may or may not allow you to resolve the error
  (as this may be specific to the configuration and not the file), and
  the release of this copy places your client's system security in peril.
  Your client has a cluster configuration with multiple authorization
  files, or your application is not using the logical names needed to
  find the active authorization database and is thus not looking at the
  actual data, or your application contains a latent bug of some sort.
  For correct FAB- and NAM-based access to files which can be redirected
  by logical name, the appropriate SYSUAF filename would be "SYSUAF", and
  the default name would be "SYS$SYSTEM:.DAT".  This is how AUTHORIZE and
  LOGINOUT locate SYSUAF, regardless of where it is located or named.
  Direct RMS-level references to the record-level contents of the system
  authorization database are not supported and not documented.
  Please see topics (7552), (4129), and (1661) for assistance in
  debugging this application configuration.

answer written or last revised on ( 21-NOV-2002 )

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