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Meaning of Invalid Login? (INVLOGIN)

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The Question is:

Hi !
I have problems with decnet, while trying to copy to another or same node i get
 this error message:
GBWH10>dir 0::
%DIRECT-E-OPENIN, error opening 0::*.*;* as input
-RMS-E-FND, ACP file or directory lookup failed
-SYSTEM-F-INVLOGIN, login information invalid at remote node
Please help me !
Best regards

The Answer is :

  The username or password used to access the node is not valid.
  Since you have not specified an explicit value, either a default
  username and password pair or a matching DECDnet proxy will be
  In many configurations, there is no default password, you must
  explicitly configure a DEDCnet proxy in the proxy database, or
  you must explicitly specify a username and password pair within
  the DECnet node specification field.
  To add a proxy, see the HELP for the AUTHORIZE command ADD/PROXY.
  If you have a proxy, ensure that the name of the node originating
  the connection is registered and accessable to the target node.
  If the name is not available, the incoming connection will use
  a numeric value for the node.  With a correctly configured DECnet
  network and particularly with a correctly configured DECnet host
  database (or DECdns or DNS/BIND for DECnet-Plus over IP), this
  situation should not arise.
  It is also possible that you have triggered breakin evasion.  You
  can use the SHOW INTRUSION and DELETE/INTRUSION commands to find
  and to clear this, if so.
  Potentially applicable documentation includes the AUTHORIZE manual,
  that of the DECnet Phase IV or DECnet-Plus documentation, and
  potentially the OpenVMS system security documentation for details
  of the breakin evasion processing and of system security.
INVLOGIN,  login information invalid at remote node
  Facility:     SYSTEM, System Services
  Explanation:  An unsuccessful attempt was made to initiate a network logical
                link connection.
  User Action:  The access control string specified is incorrect. If default
                access control is used, notify the system manager that the
                network configuration database needs to be updated.
                This error can be returned if the specified access control
                string is not recognized (for example, no record in the UAF),
                or is too long, or contains invalid characters.

answer written or last revised on ( 22-NOV-2002 )

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