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Debugging Console Serial Communications?

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The Question is:

We are trying to connect a DEC LA100 (Letterwriter 100,model: LA100-BA) console
 terminal directly to one of the 2 serial ports (TTA0: & TTB0:) of an DS-10
 Alpha. We were able to use the LA100 as a printer but not as terminal. Can
 this console work as a te
rminal for the DS-10?
Can these 2 serial ports of the DS-10 (TTA0: & TTB0:) be used directly as
 RS-232 serial communication ports to communicate with third party hardware
Thanks a lot.

The Answer is :

  The AlphaStation DS10 and the AlphaServer DS10 series provide serial
  communications connectivity through these two ports, and -- when the
  console is configured for SERIAL operations via the SRM console
  variable CONSOLE setting -- can also provide console operations on
  the serial port.
  Details of serial line pinouts and of connecting and using the console
  ports are discussed in the OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  document.  The choice of which of the two ports -- COM1 or COM2 -- will
  be used as the console can vary, as well.  The AlphaStation DS10 and
  AlphaServer DS10 series both use the PC-compatible DB9 pinout.
  As has been discussed in the modem topics elsewhere here in the Ask
  The Wizard area, you will want to acquire and to use a communications
  debugging tool such as a serial line breakout box or another similar
  serial line analyzer.
  Serial communications are certainly possible with these ports, though
  high-volume transfers and binary-mode data transfers are not recommended
  on any VAX or Alpha console serial line.  These ports are generally
  intended for low-speed (usually 19200 baud or lower, depending on the
  particular port and port hardware) interactive use.
  The AlphaStation XP900 is very similar to the AlphaStation DS10 and
  the AlphaServer DS10 series, and the above information is applicable.

answer written or last revised on ( 22-NOV-2002 )

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