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Hardware Serial Number for Licensing?

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The Question is:

I'm trying to acquire my license for the
hobbyist version of OpenVMS for Alphas. How
can I find out my CPU's serial number from the
SRM console?

The Answer is :

  The serial number for VAX and Alpha systems is located on a sticker,
  usually near the power connection, often on the back or occasionally
  on the bottom of the enclosure.  The sticker will usually include
  the model number, the serial number, voltage and related details.
  If the Alpha system is running SRM firmware with support for the
  serial number (and thus has SYS_SERIAL_NUM environment variable;
  also see the F$GETSYI item SERIAL_NUMBER) and has further been
  (correctly) configured at the SRM console level by a system manager,
  an OEM, or manufacturing, the serial number may also be visible from
  the SHOW CPU/FULL or related command.  A system may or may not be set
  to report this serial number value, and the system manager can
  change the value.
  VAX systems do not generally include a software-accessable copy
  of the system serial number.
  The OpenVMS Wizard encourages you to look for the serial number
  sticker on the enclosure, as this is the most reliable.
  If you are using an emulator, please indicate the serial number
  of the platform running the serial number.
  For general serial number licensing for integration into existing
  or new products, please see the LMF PAK generator (PAKGEN) license
  available to DSPP (formerly CSA) program members, and (for non-LMF
  licensing) please see the Ethernet or IEEE 802.3 hardware address.
  A C example of determining the network address is available at the
  Ask The Wizard area.

answer written or last revised on ( 13-JAN-2003 )

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