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HSJ Mirrorset RAID Controller Maintenance?

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The Question is:

How do I replace a deffective disk in a Controller based Mirrorset. The
 replacement disk has been added to the cabinet but I need to add it to the
 mirrorset without losing the information on DISK500
Note: DISK500 is the 'REDUCED' disk
HSJ02>show mirror2
Name          Storageset                     Uses             Used by
MIRROR2       mirrorset                      DISK500          D500
          NOPOLICY (for replacement)
          COPY (priority) = NORMAL
          MEMBERSHIP = 2, 1 member present
          DISK500   (member  0) is NORMAL
        Size: 8378028 blocks
Thank you,

The Answer is :

  Please contact your hardware support organization for assistance with
  system maintenance and repair -- details on the specific model of HSJ,
  the firmware and the configuration will be required.  (The OpenVMS
  Wizard is also not particularly familiar with VAX controller-based
  RAID hardware, nor with controller reconfiguration requirements.)

answer written or last revised on ( 25-NOV-2002 )

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