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Diagnosing System Crash? (PROCGONE Bugcheck)

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The Question is:

Got the following bugcheck during startup :-
Crashdump Summary Information:
Crash Time:        25-NOV-2002 08:58:25.46
Bugcheck Type:     PROCGONE, Process not in system
Node:              HSKA02  (Cluster)
CPU Type:          AlphaServer 800 5/500
VMS Version:       V7.2-1
Current Process:   STACONFIG
Current Image:     STACONFIG.EXE
Failing PC:        FFFFFFFF.8F7CAB40    EXE$EXIT_INT_C+001E0
Failing PS:        18000000.00000003
Module:            IMAGE_MANAGEMENT    (Link Date/Time: 18-OCT-2000 07:10:17.55)
Offset:            00012B40
Boot Time:         25-NOV-2002 08:58:05.00
System Uptime:               0 00:00:20.46
Crash/Primary CPU: 00/00
System/CPU Type:   1B05
Saved Processes:   3
Pagesize:          8 KByte (8192 bytes)
Physical Memory:   1024 MByte (131072 PFNs, contiguous memory)
Init'ed and rebooted system - came up ok. Any ideas, pointers, suggetions?
Ken McNulty

The Answer is :

  Something failed very early during the OpenVMS system bootstrap.
  Please contact the customer support center, as details from the
  crashdump will be required -- this assumes you have a copy of the
  system crashdump available.
  Please ensure you have current OpenVMS ECO kits loaded, as well.

answer written or last revised on ( 25-NOV-2002 )

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