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SMTP message sent, lost before arrival?

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The Question is:

Do you know where i can find a "diagram / flowchart" of the process involved
 when using creating an OpenVMS MAIL,sent via UCX & SMTP, to an Exchange
We are having occasional "SENT" but "NOT RECEIVED" mail messages, and I am
 unable to follow the route taken to identify how the "Postmaster" does not
 advise of delivery failure. I am assuming that the mail is delivered to the
 remote "ISP / Postmaster" but
 then not forwarded to the recipient's mailbox.
Any assistance wouyld be welcome.
John McConnell

The Answer is :

  OpenVMS and TCP/IP Services can provide you with logs of SMTP
  activity, and details of SMTP activity and capabilities from
  the perspective of OpenVMS.  For details, please review the
  available TCP/IP Services documentation on the management of
  SMTP.  This documentation is available in the TCP/IP Services
  Management manual, in the chapter on SMTP configuration and
  Once OpenVMS SMTP support hands off the message to the next SMTP
  server, OpenVMS has no connections and no tracing for where the
  message might be routed, how the message arrives at the destination,
  nor when the message might arrive.
  Please contact Microsoft for assistance with Microsoft products.
  Please ensure you have the current TCP/IP Services ECO kits, and
  please ensure that all other SMTP systems involved are also at
  their respective current revisions.

answer written or last revised on ( 27-NOV-2002 )

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