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Help identifying CD-ROM Disk Device Name?

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The Question is:

What is the Vax CD-rom Device name?

The Answer is :

  VAX is a hardware platform, and not an operating system.  VAX
  hardware itself has no particular device names and no naming
  requirements, though various of the many VAX system consoles
  can potentially represent device names using particular formats.
  The CD-ROM device name can vary (widely), based on the particular
  I/O bus involved and also the particular I/O bus configuration.
  VAX systems can have connections to CD-ROM devices on InfoServer,
  on SCSI, on Q-bus, and on various other I/O controllers or I/O
  A DCL command such as the following:
  can usually be used to identify the device.  Look particularly
  for a device marked as write-locked.  (This is not a certainty,
  as various non-CD disk devices can and do support write-locking.)
  Assuming an OpenVMS VAX system using a SCSI bus, the typical
  device name for a CD-ROM is DKA400:.  This name, however, is
  entirely dependent on the use of SCSI and on the configuration
  of the SCSI bus.  Many other device names are possible.
  For further and related information on identifying the CD-ROM
  device for a particular system, please see the available OpenVMS
  VAX upgrade documentation.
  Without specific information on the particular CD-ROM model and
  the particular VAX system and I/O connection involved, no more
  specific answer is possible.

answer written or last revised on ( 27-NOV-2002 )

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