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Access to Files on ANSI Tape Media?

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The Question is:

I have a tape containing RDB backup file.
At the time of backup, the file specification exceeded 17 char. and RDB has
 automatically truncated the file name to the correct size.
If I do a DCL directory on this tape, I get something like:
Total of 1 file...
RDB can deal with that kind of filename. But I want to make a DCL COPY and DCL
 answer with a "no file found".
Thank in advance,

The Answer is :

  The most obvious approach would involve use of any available Oracle
  Rdb commands that might provide a way to copy the archive.  Please
  contact Oracle for assistance with Oracle Rdb and Oracle products.
  DCL COPY commands are not entirely reliable when utilized with tape
  media as (among other differences) the DCL commands do not provide
  for media swapping, and thus the use of the Saveset Manager or other
  similar package is usually recommended.
  If you wish to pursue the current approach, mount the tape device
  from OpenVMS as a file-structured device -- and not as a foreign
  file structure device -- and attempt to COPY all files directly
  from MKA400:[000000]THIS*.* to a target device.
  This operation may or may not succeed.

answer written or last revised on ( 27-NOV-2002 )

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