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Seeking Zip Features, Enhancements?

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The Question is:

A batch job execute zip command to zip-up large files.  When it runs this
 command the output is a contunuous string of "......."'s.  This is written to
 the log file and when the zipping of the file takes a long time, the number of
 "."'s written to the log
 file is so high that that prticular line prevents me from typing the file.
Attempts to type the file result in an error:
%TYPE-F-WRITEERR, error writing SYS$OUTPUT:.;
-RMS-F-SYS, QIO system service request failed
-SYSTEM-F-EXQUOTA, process quota exceeded
This is due to the line (with the "..."'s) doesn't seem to have a end of line
The file attributes look ok:
ARCHIVE_BEST1.LOG;11                      File ID:  (472,33,0)
Size:          108/108        Owner:    [DCAMPONE]
Created:   28-NOV-2002 08:41:58.16
Revised:   28-NOV-2002 08:41:58.33 (1)
Expires:   <None specified>
Backup:    <No backup recorded>
Effective: <None specified>
Recording: <None specified>
File organization:  Sequential
Shelved state:      Online
File attributes:    Allocation: 108, Extend: 0, Global buffer count: 0
                    No version limit
Record format:      VFC, 2 byte header, maximum 0 bytes, longest 10961 bytes
Record attributes:  Print file carriage control
RMS attributes:     None
Journaling enabled: None
File protection:    System:RWED, Owner:RWED, Group:RE, World:
Access Cntrl List:  None
Total of 1 file, 108/108 blocks.
If I edit the file and delete that line, I am able to type the file to the end.
Any ideas?

The Answer is :

  Various zip and unzip tools and versions are available, please consider
  finding and using the most current version(s) of the package.  (When
  posting questions, please rememeber to provide the name and the version
  identification information.)
  The version of these tools from Freeware V5.0 would be the oldest zip
  version the OpenVMS Wizard would utilize.
  Source code to this and to many other packages is available -- as with
  most any other open-source package, you are entirely free to use, to
  support and to alter this and most any open-source package.
  Your diagnosis looks entirely reasonable, and your job is to now
  (find out how existing mechanisms provide this or to re-code the
  tool to) disable the output of the dots, or to provide line wraps and
  line terminators -- or to find a version which provides this.

answer written or last revised on ( 30-NOV-2002 )

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