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Telnet and SET HOST command scripting?

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The Question is:

Dear Wizard!
I use TCP/IP services for OpenVMS Alpha V5.1-ECO 3 on Compaq AlphaServer ES40
 running OpenVMS 7.2-1.
I am trying to use a TELNET command in a command procedure. For example:
$ ...
$ define/user sys$input sys$command
$ telnet 'ip_address'
$ ...
The problem is: ip_address is an IP address of an Emulex Communication server
 (Performance 4000 Series or Performance 6000 Series). When I connect to the
 server I enter the access password and when I am done I press CTRL-] to leave
 the Emulex. And now I a
m at the TELNET> prompt. How to avoid this? I tried /nointeractive but if I use
 this I can't press CTRL-] to exit Emulex. I want to return to DCL (so the
 command procedure can continue) without typing the EXIT command manualy. If I
 use /nointeractive I ca
n enter the DISCONNECT command at the emulex but after that I get TELNET errors:
%TELNET-E-INETERROR, Internet interface error
-SYSTEM-F-CONNECFAIL, connect to network object timed-out or failed
This command leaves Emulex but it does not look nice to see such errors on the
Any ideas?
Thank you.
Saso Tomat

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS TCP/IP Services Telnet implementation is intended for
  interactive access, please use rsh or rexec or similar protocols
  for purposes of scripting commands.
  Telnet clients and other program-level scripting-capable client
  APIs for OpenVMS can also be available from HP customer services,
  and also potentially from other organizations.
  Related topics: (6634), (5606), (5142), (4324) (5087) and (2628).

answer written or last revised on ( 15-APR-2003 )

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