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Windows or Linux as OpenVMS Client?

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The Question is:

Can I set up an ordinary PC to be a terminal for my Alpha Station? I want to
 have on my PC the exact display and commands as on Alpha.
Please tell my where can I find some documents on this matter.
Thank you!

The Answer is :

  Remote serial connections are possible using a terminal emulator package,
  and remote X Windows connections are possible using an X Windows server
  for the Microsoft Windows platform.  Both of these components are available
  as part of the PATHWORKS 32 environment, and can potentially also be
  acquired separately.  Terminal emulators and X Windows servers are also
  separately/independently available for Linux and UNIX platforms on Intel
  IA-32 and for other architectures, and for various other operating system
  platforms -- most Linux and UNIX configurations will include the necessary
  software directly within the operating system distribution.
  Related topics include the following: (220), (432), (894), (2064), (2533),
  (2642), (3104), (3563), (3706), (3992), (4093), (5299), (5530), (5869),
  (6723), (7156), (7413), (7926), and likely others.

answer written or last revised on ( 2-DEC-2002 )

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